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To Jude, love isn't play: it's a matter of life and death. Mostly death. Her beautiful young mother, gone but for fleeting visions in the clouds. Molly, her special friend, annihilated by a car crash, leaving only the memory of a shared erotic dream. Sandy, shy boy turned febrile young man, lost over the wild side of love during the Stonewall era in New York City. Intoxicating, destructive Anna, embarked on her slow farewell before Jude even greets her. And the blase cynicism of Paris, where Jude undergoes an hallucinatory DEATH IN VENICE pursuit of an elusive erotic dancer, is the last straw. Until Jude's own dance with death shows her the substance behind the illusion, the spark at the heart of the flame. Full of wry wisdom, unconstrained humor, and passionate intensity, this powerfully sensual and profoundly moving novel is Lisa Alther's most sophisticated and spellbinding tale yet.

Florence King: "Nobody can do a personal-quest novel like Lisa Alther. Her new heroine is so consistently likable and interesting that I found myself wishing she would turn up on my doorstep."

Dorothy Allison: "I love Lisa Alther!"

Rita Mae Brown: "FIVE MINUTES IN HEAVEN is a little bit of heaven!"