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By all appearances, Clea Shawn has a dream life -- a successful career as a freelance photographer, a handsome rich husband, a townhouse in Manhattan, two kids, a devoted best friend, and as many love affairs as she chooses to pursue. But now, on the brink of menopause, Clea has become bored -- bored with her husband Turner and his endless business trips and dalliances; bored with the New York fast lane; bored with the games of adultery. Clea is ripe for a radical change of scene -- and she thinks she has found it in the seemingly idyllic town of Roches Ridge, Vermont. Falling in love with the town at first sight, Clea buys a decaying but atmospheric old stone house and prepares to embark on a different kind of dream life in the lush green countryside. Only this time her dream collides with a very strange -- and very funny -- dose of reality. Modulating between high comedy, social satire, and serious soul-searching, BEDROCK is one of Lisa Alther's most engaging, most fully achieved novels. As Marilyn French puts it, "BEDROCK is a hoot to read, but humor is only one of its graces. Lisa Alther writes with a profound acceptance of human variety and vagary that is rare in this mean age and that lifts the spirits."

"Without ever diminishing the humor, Lisa Alther has managed the difficult feat of using the nuttiness in our society as a counterpoint to an examination of love in all its varieties and durations." -- WOMEN'S REVIEW OF BOOKS

"An intensely funny exploration of the female psyche and its outward bounds...with an exceptional capacity to amuse and disturb." -- LONDON LIST

"One of the funniest madhouses around." --WASHINGTON POST