Diamonds Before February

Mist fused sky and water
over waters freed from waxen ice.
El Nino once blessed New England;
as memory in a dry mouth
kicked at loosened chains.

Thoughts turned outward
so too blooming Christmas cacti.
Rumpled people disinterred
glaring to-do lists and lingered
wrapped in balmy things;

ascendant naiads of spring,
spawning walleye, precious sturgeon.
Rainbow trout in ponds as inky
as wormwood tea.

But cirrocumulus curls appeared
to snarl a trompe l’oeil heaven.
Baroque, broken cherubs froze
as umber trees sprouted aureoles
and northerly skies writhed
like horses in electrum filigree.

Then the child ran away
while we knew sleep paralysis,
and diamonds fell before February
parallel unexplored illusions.

Companions in Wind

Exuberance flowed through flames of hair
from blasts of rain sustained in open air
on sixty miles of North America.
Had this 10 a.m. been clear
jubilating music would’ve slung out
of a steel bed in pursuit of our voices
and a liver painted log truck.

Admiring uplands,
our eyes would soon hunt jackrabbits
on a rich malpais of endless basalt.
Overstepping polychrome
we would wonder at and mourn
rectangular Mogollon kivas exposed
to the twentieth century.
Postcards sent to girlfriends
knowingly untenable in Johnson,
could not recount in pictures
or dashed off words, a widening world.
Bivouacked within mummy bags
beside momentary landscapes
dotted by hogans and Quonset huts;
ratatat constellations would soon run
for 360 degrees around
a campfire’s helix of aspiring embers.

But as it was,
at 10 a.m. rain hissed static.
A mahogany guitar persevered beneath
the billows of a ragged blue poncho
as ends of cloth waved in spray
atomized over spinning tires painting
wet lines on a crumbling New York highway.

Marc Awodey -

It is funny how sometimes we get plugged into the big world without knowing what is going on in the back yard. My name is Marc Awodey, and my poetry has been accepted by over 100 print and electronic publications worldwide. i was once a well known painter in our area, but now all I do is poetry. you may post one or both of the poems below if you like. I also have a Lilliputian format collection of poems available, gratis. folks can send an SASE to Marc Awodey, 406 colchester Ave, BurlingtonVT 05401.

Additional information available on request.