I am attracted to landscape photography because I want to preserve the natural beauty around us and I want to show the public that we have something that is very precious and fragile. As a boy, I grew up in San Bernardino, California in the early1950's and I remember the area as being very beautiful. We lived in a lovely valley surrounded by big mountains and everyday was sunny and the sky was blue. I remember one day we swam in the ocean, drove through the desert and played in the snow in the mountains and I thought this has got to be the greatest place on earth. Today the sky back home is brown and there are freeways and strip malls everywhere. It is very sad to see what man has done to the landscape and the environment and this is what motivates me to capture the beautiful scenery around me.

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George A. Robinson
83 Adams School Rd.
Grand Isle, VT. 05458
(802) 372-8345