Sometimes the best photographs come when you least expect them. That was the case in the early morning hours of June 18th. I had worked in my "summering hole" down in Rhode Island the previous Sunday afternoon, with plans to head to Vermont that evening for a couple of days. A few things came up, and I soon found myself leaving at 11pm. No problem. I would arrive by 3am, and drive up to Center Pond in Newark and crash in the car till 6 or 7. As I drove through New Hampshire, I ran into a lot of fog- you know the low-lying type that gets pushed over your windshield as you drive. The white waving motion it produced overhead reminded me of the Northern Lights. Funny I should think that! As I cleared Franconia Notch, I came out of the fog in Littleton, NH. Off to the north I could have sworn I saw the Aurora Borealis. To be certain, I pulled off Interstate 93 at the Moore Resivoir, just a few miles from the Vermont Border. Sure enough, in the distance, a faint curtain of white light slowly snaked through the sky. It was a weak display, and looked to be dying out, but just to be sure, I headed to Lake Willoughby in Westmore, Vermont, where I would have easy access to Newark once I was ready to turn in for the night. Well, by the time I had gotten to the lake, it was 3:30 in the morning, and one nice display of the northern lights was in progress! While it looked white to the naked eye, as you can see here the film captured the subtle greens and even purple of this awesome curtain that was floating in front of the big dipper over Lake Willoughby. A perfect north wind made the sailboat at the lower right seem to be pointed, or "guided" by both the aurora and the Big Dipper. Within a half hour, dawn's early light killed off the show. I finally got to sleep at 4:30am, and slept through 10am before heading to East Mountain in East Haven for an afternoon hike...

Photo details- Fujichrome Provia 100 (RDP III) pushed to ASA 400, Canon A1 with 24mm lens, f/2.8 at 60 seconds. Car headlights were flashed for 3 seconds during the exposure to light up the boat.

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