"Madison Fall" - oil monotype [ 23" x 38 3/4" ] -
courtesy of the FENWAY GALLERY



"Artifice" - oil on canvas [70" x 60"] -
courtesy of the Cheryl Pelavin Gallery


Harriet Shorr - New Paintings and Monotypes Opening Reception: Thursday, January 11, 6–8pm January 11, 2001–March 3, 2001

Harriet Shorr's new paintings continue to challenge the conventions of still life. In a group of reflection paintings, she represents the mysteries of a constructed reality. Shorr arranges a still life in the studio, in which objects and aspects of landscape are reflected in a shallow tray of water. The resulting image, with its saturated color and complex spatial readings is a painted equivalent of the process through which we encounter levels of "visual reality". Parallel to the palpable physical beauty of the work is the conceptual paradox of the "real" image being the reflected one, often interrupted by floating petals and flowers scattered on the water's surface. Shorr continues to make paintings in which the world is presented on a table top, yet the ambiguities of reflection keep calling her back.

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