oil on canvas
Painting Jazz
50" x 30"


Biographical Statement:

Born in New York City, Lee showed an early aptitude for art winning citywide awards and competitions. He graduated from the esteemed High School of Music and Art in Manhattan with honors where he majored in Art and has been on a creative path ever since.

He has been driven over the past two years to create a refreshing body of work that dynamically expresses the universal stories and their myth and magic that resonates in all our lives; that is also mirrored in all of nature and creation. The passion, emotion and spirit that thread these archetypal stories are what inspires Lee to illuminate these truths via the prism of his work.

Following his bliss, he decided to build on the radical notion of making a living out of Art …and in doing so has taken up the challenge of his own signature story; inspiration. He is an expressionist at heart, but perhaps more specifically, an exploring Symbolic Abstract Expressionist.

He ‘works’ daily at his art. Lee’s abstract oil paintings use color to create drama on diverse canvas shapes ranging from circles and ovals, to triangles and hexagons. These textured paintings contain incomplete, superimposed images that allow viewers to essentially see different paintings simultaneously. His papier mâché sculptures are created in both relief and full round format. Many are inspired by the mythical creatures and classical materials of ancient times whilst placed in an abstract composition of the contemporary. His watercolors are defined by line and the brush stroke. In fact, his flying brush strokes may be the most symbolic component of his art.

Lee invites you to share in what he delights in creating and welcomes you to acknowledge your personal relationship with Art and its parallels and inspiration in each of our lives.

Lee Arrington lives his true life as a thriving Artist in beautiful Southern Vermont with his wife, three joy-bearing dogs and cat.

"Lee S. Arrington" <spirit1@sover.net>

P.O. Box 561, Sandgate, VT 05250
(802) 375-9255