Adrian Gottlieb


Tatiana's RepastBy Adrian Gottlieb 42" x 52"

Oil on Belgian Linen, painted in 11th century farmhouse, Caldine, Tuscany, Italy. The artist would like to express his profound thanks to the Model, Tatiana Koch for her months of patience and commitment to this painting.





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With Naturalist Painter and Portraitist Adrian Gottlieb
Location: Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art
16924 Saticoy Street
Van Nuys, California 91406
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Preface: Current Fall course listings are basic introductory level. They were designed to provide students with a taste of the nature of pragmatic training in the drawing and painting methods developed from the Renaissance through the 19th century techniques currently taught at ateliers and academies worldwide.

Current classes meet once a week for ten weeks. Beginning Dec. 18th all classes will meet a minimum of three times a week, with the expectation that students pursuing the program will enroll in long-pose workshops.

In addition to the types of courses outlined below, the future curriculum will seek to expand the average atelier curriculum and will include ongoing full time study of cast drawing, cast painting, extensive life drawing throughout the program, full time courses in anatomy, analytical drawing, quick drawing, gesture, figure and portrait construction, color and light theory, perspective, composition and design, introductory through advanced portrait painting, and materials preparation, among others. Courses will be taught by a small team of working artists, including Adrian Gottlieb and Kevin Chen.

Registration for Winter Quarter 2004 is scheduled for Dec. 18th through Dec. 20th. Courses and waiting lists fill quickly.

Current Course Offerings:


Three or Five Hour Long-pose Workshop

Uninstructed figure workshops offer three and four week long sustained poses. Students have the opportunity to produce finished drawings, paintings or studies from the cast or the live model.

Long-poses are the core, the primary focus of this type of training.

Adrian Gottlieb began Atelier study during his undergraduate years at Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Art and Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Art & Design.

Inspired by realist imagery from an early age, Gottlieb became increasingly aware of the dearth of training in hands-on methods and techniques. He enhanced his university studies by attending Charles H. Cecil Studios Summer Intensive programs for three summer terms. Under the tutelage of Charles Cecil, Gottlieb was first exposed to the near lost drawing and painting techniques developed from the Renaissance through the Boston School.

Following the 1998 Summer Intensive, Gottlieb returned to the US to pursue independent study in gross anatomy and anatomical drawing (RIT and Rochester University Medical School. He earned his BFA (with honors) later in 1998 and immediately enrolled in the Intensive Drawing Program offered by the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. He was later invited to remain at the FAA. He completed the Painting and Drawing program in 2001.

After serving as an instructor from 2000 to March 2002, Gottlieb left the academy to focus on advanced techniques and a personal style and vision. During 2002, he was chosen first place winner of the Art Renewal Center (ARC) annual international scholarship competition and was awarded "honorarium" which made possible his one-on-one study of advanced composition with expatriate classical realist painter Maureen Hyde during 2002/2003. Adrian returned to the US during the summer, 2003 and was invited to help develop a classical realist curriculum to be offered at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art in California.

Adrian Gottlieb works directly from life, avoiding photographic reference material or optical aids. He hand-grinds his own pigments, prepares his own mediums, and has a particular interest in archival materials. Gottlieb's work is represented in private and public collections in Europe and the US. Further information about Gottlieb's philosophies, methods and materials preparation is available on his personal website at


Portrait of My - 24.75" x 20.75 " framed - oil on Belgium Linen



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