W W W . K I M C H E E R E C O R D S . C O M 
W W W . K I M C H E E R E C O R D S . C O M


Blake Hazard

a recent cassette of songs

written and performed by the artist

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+ come on home 
+ light falls 
+ silver pony
x car in water 
x white lies, white noise 
x there is no room here for an honest soul

all songs copyright 1998 blake hazard

+recorded by brian dunton at fort apache

        blake hazard - vocals, acoustic guitar
mike leahy - guitars, percussion
shawn devlin - drums
braindunton - bass
jimmy ryan - mandolin
joey kessler - fiddle
rich gilbert - pedal steel
mickey bones - percussion

x recorded by dan marksman at hi-n-dry   

just me and my guitar design by b hazard



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