1940 - 2002

I don’t know if you heard, but Bob Fulton was killed on Thursday (30may02) when the Cessna he was flying crashed in Pennsylvania near Scranton. No one is certain of the cause, although there is an NSTB investigation, but the supposition is that he flew into an unexpected thunderstorm/microburst. Witnesses saw the plane coming out of a black crowd and wobbling before it went out of control. Some of it came apart before crashing.

Also killed was a young Venezuelan woman (Alex) who Bob had been seeing and his dog, Dutchess.

Terrible news. Things were really coming together for Bob. He was negotiating with the BBC to go around the world on the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Bros... and other interesting projects. He did however leave a large body of photos, film and writing. An amazing guy.

Thought you’d like to be informed.



* above 16mm frame was taken on first single frame journey
from san diego (USMC coronado) to nyc via aspen


Witnesses to plane crash tell their stories

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) ­ People who witnessed a plane crash that killed a well-known filmmaker in Wayne County last month told investigators that the plane disintegrated while it was in flight, officials said.

The National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday released a preliminary report on the crash. The accident killed Robert E. Fulton III, an aerial cinematographer, and Alexandra Meijer-Werner, both of Connecticut.

The plane was headed from Auburn, Ind., to Oxford, Conn.

Fulton had more than 6,800 hours flight time as a pilot.

"The witnesses observed the airplane come apart in the air, while descending," the report said.

Two killed in plane crash

HONESDALE, Pa. (AP) ­ A Connecticut pilot died with his passenger when their small airplane crashed into a northeastern Pennsylvania field.

Authorities said Robert E. Fulton III, 62, of Newtown, Conn., and a woman were aboard the Cessna A-185-F when it went down Thursday night in a dairy farm pasture in Lebanon Township, Wayne County. State police said the woman's name hadn't been released Sunday.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Fulton was heading to Oxford, Conn., from Cleveland, when the plane crashed 15 miles north of Honesdale just before 7 p.m. Fulton apparently was trying to fly around bad weather.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.

Honesdale is about 30 miles from Scranton.


a meditation of sorts
the digital images below are from a quick trip out into an approaching storm on Lake Champlain 5jun2002

P6050002 P6050006 P6050007 P6050008 P6050009
P6050010 P6050011 P6050013 P6050015 P6050016
P6050017 P6050018 P6050019 P6050021 P6050022


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Norio Kushi stopped and visited Robert in Newtown with his mom, Aveline, back in Oct 1998 and got a few photos during the visit.



Robert Fulton's Pilot Notes: Journals of a Solitary Aviator
Vladimir Van Maule

"Robert Fulton, whose work was ably presented in Vladimir Van Maule's film, Robert Fulton's Pilot Notes: Journal of a Solitary Aviator. Fulton has elevated aerial cinematography to something akin to an extreme sport, a multi-dimensional environmental adventure."

Vladimir Van Maule




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