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"The Harlequin" (66k .jpg)

Andrew Wielawski is an American marble sculptor based for the last twenty years in Pietrasanta, Italy. "The Harlequin" (pictured) is his latest large-scale sculpture. It is made of statuario marble (the hands and face and feet) and an inlaid series of triangles of various fine marbles from around the world. The sculpture took three years to complete, and recently sold to a Milan manufacturing company for their corporate office. Mr. Wielawski's sculptures are in many private and museum collections around the world. If you visit Pietrasanta, you can ask for "the American Andrew" at the Bar Iris or the Bar Michelangelo. You might wonder how he found himself on the "Art Vermont" page. He is a friend of the Vermont artist, Shirley Reid, who studied with him for a year at his studio. (See her web page at this site.)

APPLES (99k .jpg)

work on canvass 80x80cm mixed media (caparol, pigments and oil paint)
I've been continuously working on apples subject since 2 years and
achieved an interesting result by subliming the subject.

Name: Fadi Chamaa
born: 11-11-60
country: Lebanon Middle-east
Speciality: technology in art
Art Education: auto-didacte
painter since 1985
actual side business: I sell art material for artists


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