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anne barrett

dylan gottlieb


ann deMarle / tom pollak


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web design

helvi abatiell

Computer Graphic Animation - CIN/HUM233 (burlington college)



ted montegomery

mark selvig

marco iozzi

orson bradford

Ars Graphicus Exhibitus
chris moran
hope greenberg
michael longway
matt straus
Applied Imagination
john douglas

Computer underground Digest
Jaron Lanier's Homepage


PORT is an exhibition of networked digital worlds on the Internet organized by artnetweb. Scheduled, time-based Internet projects by individuals and groups will be projected into the physical gallery space and accessible over the Internet during the duration of the exhibition. This Web site and the PORT-MIT listserv have been created to identify potential participants and document the exhibition process.


there will be other Vermont computer graphics artists listed here soon
but computer ARTISTS and RESOURCES on the web are here now

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